Use of novel bacteria for minimizing emission of greenhouse gases

Volcani center

About the institute:

The institute of soil water and environmental sciences in Volcani center is focusing on current environmental challenges and seeks for advanced, state of the art scientific solutions.

Institute description:

Research involves "classic microbiology" as well as microbiome analysis via NGS and advanced bioinformatics analysis. Bacteria will be applied in the lab, greenhouse, and in the field. This work is part of a multidisciplinary study involving a collaboration with leading soil chemist, plant scientist, microbiologist and bioinformatician from Volcani, the Hebrew university and Haifa university.
Funding is secured for 3 years.

Required qualifications:

Candidates with previous experience with either microbiology or plant sciences have an advantage. A good team player and highly motivated scientist.

Institute location:

Rishon LeZion