Senior Research Scientist

Minovia Therapeutics

About the company:

Minovia Therapeutics is a global clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering mitochondrial cell therapy, a novel approach that harnesses mitochondria to fight disease by restoring and enhancing cellular function. Mitochondria are the primary source of energy for all cell types and are central to cellular function. Mitochondrial dysfunction or an imbalance of healthy to unhealthy mitochondria that drives disease progression in conditions ranging from rare primary mitochondrial diseases and hematologic diseases to chronic and aging-related diseases, cancer and more. Led by a world-class team with deep expertise in mitochondrial biology and cell therapy drug discovery and development, Minovia is advancing a new class of cellular medicines, mitochondrial augmentation therapies intended to treat a broad range of illnesses. The company’s Mitochondrial Augmentation Technology (MAT) serves as a practical, scalable platform designed to qualify healthy mitochondria for augmenting different cell types and treating different diseases.

Job description:

Minovia is seeking a Senior Research Scientist to take part in cutting-edge research pertaining to mitochondrial translational therapy. We are looking for a candidate with broad methodological research experience, with specific expertise in bioinformatics, molecular biology, and high throughput screening methodologies, and with a willingness to adjust to the constantly changing work demands expected in a fast-paced start-up company.
Responsibilities will include informatics, high throughput and molecular biology projects in the company, to be performed internally and with subcontractors as appropriate. In addition, the candidate will be expected to lead the development and implementation of innovative technologies that address key company needs, both internally and with international collaborators.
This is an outstanding opportunity to have a broad influence on the development and success of novel mitochondrial cell therapy modalities.

Required qualifications:

• PhD or Post-Doc in the biological sciences
• Experience in bioinformatics and molecular biology, with demonstrated capabilities of understanding both ‘wet’ and informatic requirements for experimental design
• Hands on experience of conducting in vitro experiments
• Innovative thinker who thrives on exploring and developing new high throughput ‘wet’ methodologies and associated in-silico informatic analysis pipelines
• Demonstrated scientific writing capabilities (protocols, reports)
• High-level oral and written communication skills in English
• Ability to respond quickly to changing priorities, and adapt within a fast-paced environment
• Motivated, goal-orientated individual who can work effectively, both independently and as part of a team
• Organized, detail-oriented and with good ability of time management
• Team player with great interpersonal skills
Recommended additional skills:
 Previous industry experience
 Experience with Crispr-Cas screens
 Experience with next-generation sequencing methodologies (NGS),
 Coding experience (R, Python)
 Experience with molecular biology methodologies (ddPCR, qPCR)
 Experience with mitochondrial biology
 Experience with cell or gene therapy

Job location

Tirat HaCarmel (South Haifa)