Senior bioinformatician and product manager

LifeMap Sciences

About the company:

LifeMap Sciences is a life sciences technology company that offers integrated, streamlined solutions empowering life scientists worldwide in conducting cutting-edge basic, clinical and applied biomedical research. LifeMap’s products are used in tens of thousands of institutions including academia, research hospitals, patent offices, and leading biopharma and diagnostic companies.

Job description:

LifeMap Sciences, the company that develops and commercializes the GeneCards knowledgebase, is recruiting for the position of a senior bioinformatician and product manager.

Required qualifications:

Our recent development include the integration of AI into bioinformatic data integration and interpetation, with the purpose of leveraging GeneCards in drug development, clinical interpretation and more.

Additionally, we have been enhancing the functional annotation of non-coding parts of the human genome (see in GeneCards. GeneHancer (promoters and enhancers) and GeneCaRNA (non-coding RNAs) are leading databases in the field, tackling the great challenge of identifying and annotating non-coding regulatory elements.

We are seeking two bioinformaticians/biologists with a doctorate or higher degree to lead our scientific efforts to enhance, expand and lead GeneCards Suite in the next decade of scientific excellence.

Key responsibilities:

* Identify new opportunities, new trends, and new data sources that can contribute to the GeneCards Suite and its large user base, and spearhead their implementation in the knowledgebase
* Collaborate with R&D team to develop concepts and solutions for current and future challenges in the biological research and drug discovery fields
* Develop and prototype algorithms for integration into the databases and our analysis tools
* Collaborate with academic and commercial users
* Support the assurance of data and platform quality


* Self-motivated, challenge-seeking team player
* Strong familiarity with genomic databases including NCBI, Uniprot, Ensembl
* Excellent oral and written English skills
* Experience with bioinformatics, scripting and statistical analysis tools (e.g. SQL, Matlab, Python, R)

Job location