Senior Backend Engineer


Job description:

At Aidoc we build A.I. that matters and save people’s lives.
We are a passionate group of people, who love working together and building awesome software systems that provide real value on a daily basis.
Our people are by far our most important asset. We truly care for each of our members as humans and put their personal growth and professional development as our own goal.

Most work on A.I. in the academy and industry revolves around developing better models that improve the accuracy by 0.5%. At Aidoc we focus on a largely untapped source of improvement – building large scale backend platforms that drive order of magnitude improvements in the existing A.I. algorithm. Platforms that enable the following at scale:

  • Smart data mining to train and retrain the model on the hardest and most important examples.
  • Monitoring the algorithm’s performance at the scale of thousands of hospitals, thus enabling us to detect edge cases in the data in which our algorithms malfunction, as well as the causes for these malfunctions. This enables focusing the algorithm improvement process on order-of-magnitude issues, rather than on slightly improving the average.
  • Medical interpretation tools that enable (our in-house) Radiologists to interpret medical imaging data and AI results together, creating a seamless flow between the Radiologist and the algorithm/researcher.
    And much more.

Required qualifications:

  • Senior level experience in Software Development
  • Deep understanding of Computer Science fundamentals – object-oriented design, code optimization, and complexity
  • Hands-on experience in building production services end-to-end – including architecture design, research, development, testing, deployment, and monitoring.
  • Strong ability to lead end-to-end development processes
  • A “can-do” attitude and a strong sense of ownership
  • Passion for building generic and robust software architecture
  • BSc/MSc in Computer Sciences, or equivalent (advantage)
  • Experience in building large-scale data pipelines and systems (advantage)

Experience with the following technologies (advantage):

  • Python (our main development language)
  • Cloud computing – AWS stack and APIs, or equivalent
  • Databases – PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Redshift, or equivalent
  • Serverless – Lambda functions, step functions, and the full serverless ecosystem to speed up the development process
  • Containers and Orchestration – Docker, Terraform

Job location