Research Scientist, Biomaterials fermentation


About the company:

MadeRight harnesses the power of fungi to create novel plastic packaging that delivers both performance and sustainability. By fusing biotechnology and material science, we are developing novel biomaterials that fit current packaging manufacturing machinery and produce premium quality packages to deliver brand products safely. To grow the fungi that produce our biomaterials, we "feed" the fungi organic waste derived from the by-products of the food and agriculture industry.

Job description:

MadeRight an early-stage startup harnessing fungi to create sustainable materials is looking for a highly skilled MYCOLOGIST to join us and be part of our biology development team! The company seeks team members who are bold, productive, resourceful, and imaginative. Primary work will focus on material preparation, experiment setup, observation, and data collection. This position is responsible for assisting in all aspects of experimentation, which may extend to data analysis and interpretation. This position will also support overall research operations with routine tasks and maintenance.

Required qualifications:

• Conduct laboratory experiments and process optimization
• Analyze data and interpret results to inform process development
• Develop working protocols and review technical reports
• Maintenance of biological collection
• Manage lab stock of reagents and consumables related to workstreams
• Perform physical mixing of growth media components

• Ph.D. or MSc in Microbiology – Mandatory
• Experience in laboratory work with microorganisms and specifically with filamentous fungi – Advantage
• Experience in molecular research in the field of molecular genetics and metabolism with filamentous fungi – Advantage
• Clear communication on timelines, deliverables, and observations
• Comply with company lab policies and procedures of routine workflows (e.g. proper documentation of all research observations and results)

Required Skills
• Familiarity with microbiological culture techniques
• Familiarity with molecular methods and execution in filamentous fungi
• Familiarity with statistical methods, design of experiments, and basic ability to use data management software
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team
• Exceptional organizational skills with strong attention to detail
• Critical thinking skills
• Ability to produce and document data with integrity

Desired Skills
• Passion for biotechnology and a bioprocess optimization
• Comfortable learning quickly when faced with unfamiliar tasks and new tools
• Exposure to bioreactor operation or fermentation system


MadeRight is a fast-paced start-up company that attracts talented people who are passionate about sustainability. We have come together to advance the global understanding and appreciation of fungi, and to recognize the potential of mycelium to help bring humans into an abundant future while protecting the environment. Guided by our core values, our increasingly diverse team is dedicated to achieving a brave, hopeful, and incredibly important mission.

We’re a group of people passionate about the planet and true sustainability. Working hard to improve the planet’s future, we truly believe in what we’re doing and enjoy doing it.
We are developing processes to grow mycelium fermentation reactors for a multitude of applications, developing new biomaterials that are positive for the planet.

Our technology hopes to take the wheel on how we make, use, and produce materials. Our first aim is to create high-performance natural biomaterials to improve the failing single-use packaging economy. We imagine producing packaging to replace petrochemical-derived materials, such as plastics.

Benefits – We prioritize the health of MadeRight employees and their loved ones. Our goal is that everyone at MadeRight feels their best in day-to-day life, and therefore feels able to do their best work. The benefits offered are generous, providing a foundation of care and peace of mind as we work to improve the world for everyone.

Flexibility and Time Off – Work and life affect one another directly, so we create a flexible work environment and encourage taking the necessary time to rest and recharge. Paid time off includes vacation, sick leave, parental leave, holidays, and personal wellbeing days. We also minimize commutes with a hybrid work model and remote work opportunities when applicable.

Community and Personal Development – Doing our best individually helps to do our best together, so we provide space and opportunities for personal growth. We take great care regarding MadeRight culture and find that collaboration is the key to the innovation of ourselves and our company. Each person brings unique backgrounds and talents that are fostered in a collaborative, challenging, and creative culture.

Job location

Kiryat Shmona