Research assistant for cancer cell biology


Job description:

Metabomed, a clinical stage cancer drug-discovery biotech company is looking for a Research assistant for cancer cell biology.

The position is for a hands-on research assistant for mammalian tissue culture work and requires an experienced MSc in life science. The ideal candidate would have a vast experience in tissue culture and cell biology techniques. He/she will take part in conducting biological experiments as part of an effort to discover and develop new cancer therapeutics.

Some of the specific areas of research include: validating potential cancer targets, establishing stable cell-lines, developing and performing biochemical and cell-based assays to support drug discovery efforts.

Contribute to the effective operation of the lab by sharing the responsibilities of preparing buffers and reagents, ordering supplies and maintaining equipment.

Required qualifications:

  • MSc in cell biology with a minimum of 2 years’ experience
  • The candidate must be experienced in mammalian cell culture and cell biology techniques, including transfection protocols, stable cells selection, Western blotting and qPCR.
  • Candidate must be able to design and troubleshoot assays and experiments independently


  • Previous experience in a pharmaceutical or biotech companies
  • Experience in cell-free biochemical assays
  • Experience in multiple gene transfer protocols (transfection, lentivirus and adenovirus infection), somatic gene silencing (RNAi) and ablation (CRISPR/Cas9) as well as experience in cells production and immortalization from primary tissues

Job location