R&D – Biotechnology


About the company:

MS Tech is a leading developer, manufacturer and innovator of advanced sensor technologies is seeking to grow its R&D team and recruit new candidates. The R&D applications relate to bio-medical diagnostics, food safety & product inspection, security & people screening.

Job description:

• Develop biomarker sensing technology for early detection and identification of disease (point-of-care diagnostics) in the context of an innovative multidisciplinary project
• Responsible for setting up the biotechnology R&D infrastructure, including the purchase and operation of equipment
• Develop and produce coatings for biosensors and thin polymers
• Develop, in collaboration with other entities, a fluid system that integrates sensors for the detection of biological markers in fluids
• Plan and execute experiments, process the results, produce documentation, write reports, prepare presentations, and present the project in various forums

Required qualifications:

• Education: MSc/PhD in Organic Chemistry, Bio-organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology
• R&D experience in biotechnology, preferably in diagnostics
• Work experience with proteins/antibodies/DNA is an advantage
• Work experience with biosensors is an advantage
• Full-time position
• English – reading and writing proficiency (additional languages are a plus)

Job location