Protein Chemistry Scientist / Project Leader, PhD level


Job description:

Protein Chemistry Scientist / Project Leader with Cell Biology experience

Metabomed, a clinical stage cancer drug-discovery biotech company, seeks an
enthusiastic, experienced Protein Chemistry Scientist with Cell Biology experience
to join our R&D team in Yavne. The position is for a hands-on senior scientist with
a PhD in life science that will be responsible for conducting biological experiments
as part of an effort to discover and develop new cancer therapeutics.

As a member of an interdisciplinary team, this individual will be expected to employ
proteomics approaches to support target identification/deconvolution, target
engagement, and modeofaction (MOA) elucidation efforts in several drug
discovery programs.

Required qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cell-biology, or related discipline with relevant experience.
  • Experience with chemical-affinity enrichment to selectively enrich proteins and chemical biology techniques using probes (covalent and/or photoaffinity).
  • Experiences with Stable isotope labeling with amino acids (SILAC) or other quantitative proteomics techniques is an advantage.
  • Experience in isolating protein from complex biological samples and sample processing workflow for LC-MS analysis.
  • Experience in conducting, analyzing and interpreting LC-MS/MS proteomics data is an advantage.

Functions and Duties

  • Lead and contribute to developing and implementing proteomic
    technologies to investigate target identification / deconvolution of small-
    molecule compounds identified from screens.
  • Perform cell-based proteome profiling studies to support target
    identification, target engagement, and mode-of-action (MOA) elucidation
    efforts in multiple drug discovery programs.
  • Design and execute experiments independently; accurately record,
    analyze and present results.
  • Collaborate with CROs and academic labs to compliment internal
    proteomic/chemical biology capabilities.

Job location