postdoctoral positions

Columbia University

About the institute:

The Ciccia laboratory investigates 1) the molecular mechanisms that maintain genomic stability to suppress cancer development and regulate chemotherapy and immunotherapy responses (Taglialatela A et al, Molecular Cell, 2021; Huang JW et al, Nature Communications, 2020; Joseph SA et al, DNA Repair, 2020; Taglialatela A et al, Molecular Cell, 2017); 2) the function of nucleotide variants in DNA repair genes using innovative base editing screens (Cuella-Martin R et al, Cell, 2021; Hayward SB and Ciccia A, Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, 2021); 3) the interplay between DNA repair and genome editing (Nambiar TS et al, Molecular Cell, 2022; Nambiar TS et al, Nature Communications, 2019); and develops 4) novel methods for precision genome editing (Billon P et al, Cell Reports, 2020; Billon P et al, Molecular Cell, 2017). More information can be found at

Institute description:

Postdoctoral positions are available in Alberto Ciccia’s laboratory in the Department of Genetics and Development at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Required qualifications:

Interested candidates with Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent degrees are encouraged to apply by December 31, 2022. Experience in molecular and cell biology, genetics or computational biology, and first-author publications are preferred.

Institute location: