Postdoctoral position – laboratory of Dr. Peter Tsvetkov

Harvard Medical School

About the institute:

The Tsvetkov lab is a new, vibrant, and welcoming lab and we hope to recruit people that would share this spirit. We seek collaborative people with a commitment to mentoring others and a desire to facilitate the growth of a new lab doing innovative science in an exciting and evolving field in Biology.

Institute description:

postdoctoral position is available in the newly established laboratory of Dr. Peter Tsvetkov at the Cancer Center of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, part of the larger Harvard Medical School community in Boston.
We seek curious, motivated and innovative postdoctoral researchers that have a passion to reveal new principles in biology and will engage in one of the exciting projects in the lab focused on : (1) Expanding our mechanistic understanding of the recently described new form of regulated cell death induced by copper, ‘cuproptosis’ (Tsvetkov et al ., Science 2022) using both high throughput chemical and genomic approaches (CRISPR based KO and ORF library over-expression screens, small molecule screening libraries) and thorough biochemistry. (2) Exploring the benefits of copper ionophores as potential anti-cancer therapeutic using both cell-culture, mouse model and human patient sample models. (3) Developing new experimental paradigms aimed at revealing new mechanisms that are regulated by environmental metabolite/nutrient/metal availability and promote cancer cell survival and adaptation to stress (drug-resistance).

Required qualifications:

The candidate must have a Ph.D. and/or M.D., with excellent experimental and analytic skills and willingness to learn new model systems and methodologies. Ideal candidates would have experience in biochemistry and/or implementing high throughput genomic experimental approaches to answer basic question in cell biology. Strong written and oral communication skills
and motivation to engage in high quality research to address novel questions in cell biology are desired. No prior experience in cancer biology is required. Computational skills are a plus.

Institute location: