PostDocs and Research Assistents

Weizmann Institute of Science

Job description:

Gene expression is a stochastic process. Random expression bursts cause tremendous
cell-to-cell variations in mRNA and protein levels. The consequences are beneficial in
some instances, e.g., in cell differentiation, and harmful in others, e.g., in bacterial drug
tolerance. A key interest in biology is therefore to decipher the kinetics behind this noise.
What is the distribution of transcription rates in a cell population? Are gene expression
dynamics heritable? Do gene networks communicate via the ‘Morse code’ of expression
burst? Detailed answers to these questions are pending due to insufficient methods to
temporally resolve gene expression noise at single-molecule resolution.

DYNOME is our answer to this challenge.

DYNOME combines superresolution particle tracking, multicolor barcoding, lineage
tracking, and labonachip bioreactors in one innovative biodynamics platform to
monitor gene expression at the singlemolecule level for many genes in single cells over
many generations. Decrypting cellindividuality with kinetic models will be a
breakthrough both in basic and in applied sciences with impacts on the development of
drugs against bacterial invasions, the design of new and useful functionalities in cells,
and on our understanding of how biological variability arises from the laws of statistical

Required qualifications:

A degree in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, or Physical Chemistry
Knowledge in optical microscopy, nanofabrication, or stochastic reaction systems
Programming skills in C++, R, Matlab, or Mathematica
Very good command in English
Team skills, motivation, initiative, and willingness to perform

What we offer:

Research projects at the interface between Physics and Systems Biology
Stateoftheart research environment/equipment
Work in a highly interdisciplinary team
An inspiring and vibrant research campus

It is important to the Weizmann Institute of Science that you will be able to reconcile your
academic career and family life. We therefore have a daycare center that is close to the

Job location

Weizmann Institute of Science