Postdoc position

Weizmann Institute of Science

About the institute:

We are a vibrant and multidisciplinary research team in one of the top research institutions in the world. We combine computation and experiment to study evolution of genomes, proteomes and organisms as a whole. Additionally we are interested in mechanisms of gene expression with emphasis on translation. Our primary focus lies in basic research but we often branch into applied science when we see a translational potential.

Institute description:

Currently we are pitching our know-how into development of novel mRNA vaccines and redesigning the organisms towards sustainable protein production.
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Required qualifications:

A creative and ambitious postdoc with strong background in molecular biology and interest in goal-oriented organismal evolution.
The aim of the project is to redesign the yeast and evolve the strain towards optimal protein production.
The novel organism will be of immediate interest for pharmaceutical and food industries. Experience in a fields of synthetic biology, yeast genetics, biotechnology and protein engineering is a plus but not a requirement.

Institute location: