Postdoc Position at Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University

About the institute:

The lab’s main project focuses on the oncogenic role of gain-of-function mutant p53 in vivo, its genome-wide mechanisms for driving tumor formation, and its viability as an actionable target in cancer treatment, using complex mouse models and multi-omics approaches. Additional fields include the role of p53 family member p73 in development and homeostasis. In other projects, the Moll Lab is working to identify and characterize fate-committing master transcription factors and cell-cycle regulators during airway multi- ciliogenesis.

Institute description:

The lab of Prof. Ute Moll at Stony Brook Cancer Center & Department of Pathology has a Postdoctoral Position for 3 years with immediate availability and competitive pay for a talented and motivated scientist with PhD / MD training.

Required qualifications:

Scientist with PhD / MD training.

Institute location:

Long Island New York