NGS R&D Scientist


Job description:

Join a fast growing, DNA sequencing company based in Rehovot with a unique technology that will enable Next Generation Sequencing to become as common and affordable as blood tests. Critical technology for cancer analysis, carrier screening, synthetic food and much more.

As the NGS R&D scientist you will lead the development of one of our projects. To excel in this position you will need a curious mind, ingenuity and strong problem solving skills. As an NGS scientist you will also be working closely with our bioinformaticians, offering analytical insights based on your in-depth understanding of the technologies.The job requires an outstanding scientific background and proven hands-on skills.

A unique opportunity to get in on the ground level of an exciting company.

Required qualifications:

  • PhD/Post Doctorate in biology/biotechnology
  • In depth background in NGS assay development.
  • Hands-on experience.
  • Can work independently and as part of a team.
  • English – Fluent
  • Bioinformatics practice (NGS analysis tools)
  • Background in Linux and programming languages(Python/R etc.)
  • Industry background (advantage)
  • Management skills (advantage)

Role Description

    • Research, develop and calibrate a novel NGS library prep kit.
    • Learn and develop new NGS technologies.
    • Apply NGS technologies to new diagnostics applications.
    • Plan and execute multidisciplinary experiments/projects and participate in the shift from development to final product, including regulation tasks.
    • Contact customers (scientists/ hospitals/ genetics labs) to answer questions/needs and to discuss how Sequentify can make their science better.
    • Query scientific literature and health databases.
    • Participate in scientific conferences and represent Sequentify in scientific discussions/presentations.
    • Prioritize multiple R&D and production tasks and lead a team of lab technicians.
    • Work both independently and as part of a team with the aim of growing Sequentify to be a leader in the genomics field.

Job location