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IceCure Medical

About the company:

IceCure Medical is an Israeli medical device company founded in 2006 to advance treatment of cancerous tumors. IceCure’s core technology is based on cryoablation, using freezing temperature (liquid nitrogen) to destroy tumors safely, quickly, and painlessly without the need for surgery. IceCure’s next generation cryoablation technology, the ProSense™ system, enables rapid minimally-invasive, safe, and effective treatment of breast lesions in-office or ambulatory hospital settings. The ProSense™ system provides physicians with full control over the procedure, ensuring that the treated zone is destroyed while leaving surrounding tissue undamaged. The ProSense™ system is a proven solution for the treatment of benign and malignant breast tumors, as well as renal, lung, and bone cancer. IceCure’s team leaders are seasoned medical device and technology entrepreneurs, who have teamed with world-renowned academics, clinical centers, and practitioners to establish advanced cryotherapy as the standard in oncology clinics worldwide.

Job description:

Job description:
IceCure Medical, an innovative and fast-growing medical device company in the field of cryoablation, is looking for a Medical Writer.
Job description:
Medical Writers work alongside people from multiple departments in IceCure to develop content, write and edit a vast range of resources, ensuring that the content, format and structure of their documents comply with regulatory, or other guidelines including:
• CERs (Clinical evaluation reports) and CEP (Clinical evaluation plan)
• PMS (Post marketing surveillance) plan
• PMCF (Post marketing clinical follow up) and PSUR (Periodic Safety Update) reports
• Update SOPs as needed

Please send your CV to: [email protected]

Required qualifications:

• Attention to details/self-directed
• Good communication skills and personal relationships, great team player.
• Ability to operate effectively in a fast-changing environment
• Highly proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Mendeley (advantage)
• Excellent project and timelines-management skills
• A proven ability to meet deadlines
• Clarity of thinking to structure documents so that they present complex information in a logical way
• Ability to manage multiple and varied tasks with enthusiasm and prioritize workload with attention to detail; ability to work in a fast-paced environment
• Fluent English (both oral & written), other languages- advantage
• At least a master degree required, preferably Bio engineering, Life science or similar
• Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in clinical writing/publications experience (i.e., experience in the development of clinical, and regulatory documents)
• Understanding of global regulatory agencies and regulatory processes concerning medical devices
• Advantage: Expertise in conducting focused literature searches on PubMed, MedLine or other similar medical literature databases
• Ability to summarize complex results and present in a clear, concise, and scientifically accurate manner to a wide-range of audiences
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