Lab Technician: Antibody design and molecular biology

Fleishman Lab at Weizmann Institute of Science

About the company:

The Fleishman lab ( is a pioneer in developing protein design methods for optimizing antibody therapeutics, enzymes, and vaccines. Our lab develops cutting-edge methods in atomistic protein design, bioinformatics, and AI to design superior proteins on the computer, and we then experimentally verify that the methods work as intended.

Job description:

We are looking for an experienced technician to join our team to advance the design of therapeutic antibodies. Our work focuses on designing a
synthetic repertoire of human antibodies that can be screened for binders to any target of interest. Crucially, this repertoire is generated to be “Stable by Design,” so any antibody derived from the repertoire will exhibit the characteristics needed for a successful therapeutic. We anticipate that the successful completion of this project will significantly decrease the time and effort needed to discover new antibody therapeutics.

● Assemble DNA encoding for the designed repertoire using protocols developed in-house
● Standardize and improve existing protocols for large-scale DNA assembly
● Assist in screening the repertoire against potential therapeutic targets using phage display

Required qualifications:

● MSc in protein engineering, molecular biology, or related field or BSc in related field and 2+ years of relevant industry experience
● Hands-on experience with molecular biology techniques (PCR, gel electrophoresis, etc.)
● Strong communication, collaboration, and time management skills

● Prior experience with large DNA library synthesis
● Prior experience with high-throughput screening using a display method, including yeast display, phage display, or ribosome display

Job location

Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel