In-Vitro Biology Scientist


Job description:

The opportunity
The Pharmacology Department of Innovative R&D is recruiting an in-vivo biology scientist.

How you’ll spend your day
Planning, executing and analyzing experimental models
Presenting and discussing scientific models and results in relevant forums.
Meticulous documentation of the experiment methodology and results.
Scientific literature surveys.
Your experience and qualifications
PhD in neuroscience is a prerequisite.
Experience with advanced in-vitro techniques is a prerequisite.
Experience with advanced in-vivo techniques in rodents is an advantage.

Required qualifications:

Hands-on experience in at least four of the listed techniques:

Experience with mammalian cell biology and cell culture techniques is a must
qPCR and molecular biology
Protein analysis techniques (ELISA, Western blot etc.)
Microscopy techniques
Protein synthesis and purification
ex-vivo analysis techniques: IHC, protein expression, gene expression – an advantage
in-vivo behavioral models – an advantage
in-vivo neuroscience models – an advantage

Job location