experimental physicists for post-doc


About the institute:

The Soreq Nuclear Research Center (SNRC) is a leading center in applied R&D in a variety of nuclear and photonics technologies, operating under the Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC). The IAEC established the Center in 1958 around Israel's first nuclear research reactor. Over the years the Center has expanded its scientific and technological activity while moving into new directions. Today the SNRC is an established research center founded on scientific and technological excellence in a range of areas including nuclear physics and engineering, nuclear medicine, non-destructive testing techniques, laser and optronics applications, testing components and materials in space environment, radiation safety, and more.

Institute description:

The plasma physics department at Soreq Nuclear Research Center is looking for experimental physicists for a post-doc position in the field of short-pulse laser interaction with matter.
The research involves performing experiments and comparison of experimental results to predictions of computational codes, in a system that includes high-power lasers, in-house developed diagnostics and complex target structures.
The position includes designing experiments, in collaboration with the theoretical group of the department, developing dedicated diagnostics, performing experiments and analyzing measurements.

Required qualifications:

Ph.D. in physics.
Previous work with lasers and vacuum systems – advantage.
Experience with optical systems – advantage.
Experience with x-ray detectors – advantage.

Institute location: