Environmental & sustainability Expert


Job description:

Environmental & sustainable operations expert is a specialized position considered Subject Metter Expert in Ecological sustainable practices, operating for reducing the environmental impact of pharmaceutical processes during development, scale up and manufacturing. This role will be working in a cross functional matrix organization to support Teva API business objectives.

How you’ll spend your day
Support Teva API with defining and achieving their ESG targets for compliance, waste minimization and GHG reduction.
Support Global EHS roadmap for compliance, share technical expertise with Global EHS members across the network.
Responsible to evaluate and develop new treatment technologies.
Management of environmental technology lab (work plan, Budget, resources).
Lead implementation and best practice for waste Minimization, solvent recovery, and Eco-Operation improvement initiatives in Teva API network.
Responsible for technology and treatment capabilities evaluation during CER approval and tech transfer procedure.
Use advanced computational tools for recovery and waste treatment process simulations (such as CHEMCAD and Dynochem).
Optimization of wastewater and off-gas treatment plants operations by using advanced tools data analysis, machine learning and site visits as part of modernization initiatives at Teva API network.
Develop global guideline for new recovery process development.
Lead implementation of Environmental considerations and "Sustainable Chemistry" into product life cycle management and strategy
Responsible to build and update environmental profile and support building AOP and long term plan for Teva API manufacturing sites.
Participate in TEVA Environmental committees
Collaborate with Academia and Technology companies to promote potential treatment technologies

Required qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree Environmental / Chemical / Biotechnology Engineer or related discipline required (Master’s or higher degree is preferred).
Familiar with wastewater and air emission treatment technologies.
Familiarization with ESG and Eco-Operation trends, waste and GHG minimization approach, solvents recovery and management.
10+ years with proven history in pharmaceutical industry or Environmental / Chemical / Biotechnology industry, in position related to Environment and ecology. Alternatively, equivalent experience in academy.
Previous experience leading cross function projects from design to execution.
Familiarization with advanced computational tools for recovery and waste treatment process simulations (such as CHEMCAD and Dynochem)
Excellent knowledge of laboratory and /or technical tools in wastewater solvent recovery and air emission treatment.
Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice in a regulated industry
Experience in projects management
Ability to lead cross functional initiatives
Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
Team player and able to build and maintain relationships both internal and external functions.
Able to work independently with minimal supervision
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Fluent communication in English

Job location

Tell Aviv