Electro-optics: imaging and super-resolution, biomedical sensing, and nanophotonic

Bar Ilan University

About the institute:

The Optical Research Laboratory of Prof. Zeev Zalevsky at the faculty of Engineering in Bar Ilan University is looking for motivated candidates to join exciting academic and industry collaborated projects

Institute description:

Prof. Zalevsky’s field of research is electro-optics, specifically, imaging and super-resolution, biomedical sensing, and nanophotonic. Several of the technologies developed in his lab were commercialized through the Bar-Ilan Research and Development Company, and have become leading Israeli start-ups.
Here we have exciting and challenging opportunities with two such industry collaborated research projects one in the field of optical wavefront shaping for non-invasive imaging through scattering medium and the other in human vision correction in the human eye using patented technologies.

Required qualifications:

Basic Requirements:
• Candidates must hold a PhD degree in areas related to Optics/Physics/Engineering related areas.
• Good and consistent academic records with 90 grade and above in master’s studies.
• Previous publications record in peer-reviewed journals from the master’s studies.
• Proficiency knowledge of both spoken and written English is required.

The candidate should have:
• A strong and profound background and understanding in Fourier optics and in wave and geometrical optics.
• Hands-on experimental skills with experience in building complex optical setups. Preferable to have experience in using specialized optical components like polarizer, waveplate, lenses, and digital sensors.
• Experience using image analysis software (MATLAB/PYTHON) and methodologies.
• Experience in building digital holographic setups and other interferometric setups.
• Able to use independently various microscopy platforms including confocal and bright field microscopes.
• Experience with Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) and wavefront shaping is a plus.
• Experience in optical design software (Zemax) is a plus.
• Elementary knowledge of ophthalmology specifically refractive error correction is an additional plus.
• A team player with high scientific motivation is a must.

Institute location:

Faculty of Engineering @ Bar Ilan University