Data scientists at Soreq Nuclear Research Center Applied research in computational engineering


About the company:

About SNRC Vision & Mission History Contact The Soreq Nuclear Research Center (SNRC) is a leading center in applied R&D in a variety of nuclear and photonics technologies, operating under the Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC). The IAEC established the Center in 1958 around Israel's first nuclear research reactor. Over the years the Center has expanded its scientific and technological activity while moving into new directions. Today the SNRC is an established research center founded on scientific and technological excellence in a range of areas including nuclear physics and engineering, nuclear medicine, non-destructive testing techniques, laser and optronics applications, testing components and materials in space environment, radiation safety, and more.

Job description:

Algorithms research group at Soreq Nuclear Research Center leads Creative and innovative solutions and product deliveries at variety of cutting edge technologies:
Optimization, Applied physics, image processing, Anomalies detection and classification

Required qualifications:

• Master degree or higher in Computer Science/Mathematics/Physics, /Electric engineering or equivalent
• Strong knowledge, experience and background in artificial intelligence, machine learning
• Knowledge and experience in signal processing
• Knowledge and experience in data structures and algorithms design.
• Good communication and teamwork skills
• Passion for technology and data science
• Experience (3+ years) with Python, MATLAB, C \ C ++

• The candidate will be required to go through a security classification process

Job location