Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


About the company:

Seeking a Chief Technical Officer with a strong emphasis on leading pioneering research and development initiatives in a novel agricultural technology company in conjunction with our Chief Scientist and Scientific Advisors. If you are a forward-thinking scientist with a passion for leading groundbreaking research and development initiatives to change the world, we invite you to apply and play a key role in shaping the future at GoodWood

Job description:

● Strategic R&D Leadership: Provide strategic leadership in developing and executing the research and development strategy for our company
● Process Development: Design and implement cutting-edge processes for novel biological and agricultural goals, incorporating elements from plant cell tissue
culture, morphogenesis and tissue engineering.
● Cross-disciplinary Collaboration: Foster collaboration with internal teams and external partners to integrate diverse perspectives and accelerate the development of groundbreaking scientific processes.
● Experimentation and Prototyping: Oversee the experimentation and prototyping phases, ensuring rigorous testing of new processes and technologies to achieve scale and sustainability.
● Knowledge Transfer: Actively engage with CSO and scientific advisors in conjunction with other sources to facilitate the seamless transfer of valuable knowledge from other scientific and engineering disciplines into our R&D programs.
● Team Building and Leadership: Build and lead a dynamic R&D team, cultivating a culture of innovation and scientific excellence to tackle the unique and exciting challenges .
● Resource Optimization: Efficiently manage research budgets, allocating resources to key areas that align with the strategic R&D

Required qualifications:

● Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Bioengineering, or related field.
● Extensive R&D Experience: Minimum of 5 years of progressive leadership experience in R&D roles within the biological sciences or related industry.
● In-depth Knowledge of Plant Biology: Proven expertise in plant biology, tissue culture, and/or related fields, with a focus on integrating different scientific domains to achieve results
● Strategic Vision: Ability to formulate and execute a strategic vision for R&D that aligns with the company's mission
● Leadership Excellence: Strong leadership and team management skills, with a successful history of guiding R&D teams through uncharted territory.
● Innovation Mindset: History of driving innovation and scientific progress in the face of adversity
● Collaborative Aptitude: Proven ability to collaborate effectively with
cross-functional teams
This critical role will be instrumental in our goals to change the world through innovation in a centuries old agricultural process.

Job location

Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area