Bioinformatics Scientist


Job description:

You will be joining a multi-disciplinary team of bioinformaticians and biologists to tackle the most burning questions of the pharmaceutical industry using cutting-edge data.
You will run the pipelines that generate and integrate machine-learning models of the immune system. Disease models are dynamic and constantly improve as data accumulates. These models are based on human clinical and molecular data and are employed for deciphering disease mechanisms, identifying biomarkers of drug response, identifying novel drug targets, and predicting combinations.
• Operate and maintain the existing pipelines for QC, processing and integration of new datasets and data types into company’s Disease Model collection
• Work closely with immunologists to explore the data, build and execute analysis plans and test the results
• Work with our core team to implement new algorithms into existing pipelines to push our technology even further

Required qualifications:

• MSc in Biomedical Informatics, Computational Biology or related disciplines
• 2+ years of hands-on experience in omics data analysis
• Comfort in running existing pipelines
• Experience in R
• Strong communication skills with fluency in English

• Experience analyzing diverse data types (e.g. cell, proteomics, microbiome)
• Background in Immunology
• Experience working in a team with biologists

Job location

Tel Aviv