Analytical Chemist

The Asaph Aharoni Lab

Job description:

Aharoni’s and Gur’s labs are seeking candidates for a lab assistant position to join an exciting metabolic engineering project at the Weizmann Institute. The candidate will be responsible for setting-up methods and analyzing samples derived from genetically engineered plants and yeast. The core of the project has an applied aspect. The Aharoni laboratory is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated analytical chemistry instruments including various liquid and gas chromatography systems as well as high-resolution mass spectrometry. A suitable candidate will have an excellent opportunity to learn new analytical technologies and acquire ample experience in chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Required qualifications:

 Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or a related scientific discipline
 Experience in working with small molecule identification or quantitation, utilizing GC or LC chromatography and mass spectrometry technologies (an advantage)
 High motivation for learning and ability to work independently in a team environment
 Ability to handle multiple tasks concurrently, and in a timely fashion.

Job location

Weizmann Institute of Science